The 10 pain points of component and spare parts identification

Over the past years, machines and industrial plants have become noticeably more complex. This development has led to a marked increase in the number of components and spare parts that are built into each machine. This, in turn, has given rise to new challenges for the service and aftercare sector.

There is an additional continued shortage of qualified staff in the industries. It’s becoming ever more difficult to find – and keep – educated and skilled personnel, while experienced members of staff get older and retire without being able to pass on their knowledge and expertise. This further complicates access to appropriate and timely service, maintenance and repair work.

A critical factor here is the correct identification of components and spare parts. Our experience shows that this is a ten-level chain of events: if the required component is not identified at the first level, it gets passed to the next level where the pressure on the people involved increases manifold. By the time it reaches level ten, the entire process has escalated, often to the point where the result is machine downtime – with all associated costs.


The 10 escalation levels of spare part identification

On level one it is possible to identify the part in question without being in direct view of the machine structure using an online interactive spare parts catalogue such as Docware.

Should this not be possible, due to the structure being outdated or not listed, other contextual information might be present, such as barcodes or stickers (e.g. identification marking). With this identification designation it is then possible to access the electrical diagram, and together with logbooks and the parts list kept with the machine it is possible to identify the required part.

80% of all parts can be identified relatively easily and quickly, within five minutes, and without having direct access to the machine. But as of level three it is slowly getting more cumbersome. At this level, the part in question is built in and has to be accessed or uncovered by a technician before it can be viewed.


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