Partium for machine and plant operators

Partium for machine and industrial plant operators

Speed up maintenance, reduce downtime, and get jobs done in smaller maintenance increments.

The advantages for your maintenance engineer:

  • Quick identification of components
  • Access to all important information
  • Avoid having to track down documentation and various within the factory
  • Lowered search costs, faster service delivery

Partium for maintenance, repairs and operation

Partium is our technology for the identification of industrial components and replacement parts.

Identify all types of parts

Partium identifies (almost) everything: removed, built-in, hidden, damaged and soiled components and replacement parts.

Using incident codes for searches

With Partium, it is possible to use your internal incident codes for machines and industrial plants as part of the component search routine.

Targeted ordering & delivery of components

With Partium your maintenance staff only order the parts they really need. Ordering a variety of parts to cover all bases will be a thing of the past!

Easy access to documentation

The maintenance staff identifies all parts and accesses all documentation via one single app on their smartphone.

Take charge of your machine park

With Partium we offer you data models that contain all standard parts and which can be expanded to include individual components.

Good reasons to use Partium for your maintenance

Partium was developed especially for use in the workshop – directly on the machine.

Shortage of qualified staff

Machine maintenance is hampered by a shortage in skilled staff as well as a generational change. Partium supports and accelerates the transfer of knowledge.

Lighten the pressure on the experts

Inexperienced service staff and workers tend to consult the experts/specialists when unsure. With Partium, parts and components can be clearly identified without expert help.

Built-In Parts

The identification of built-in, installed and hidden parts is critical for smooth maintenance operations. With Partium, recognition via smartphone is possible!

Our focus: industrial maintenance

Partium was developed for use in the industrial workshops – directly on the machines.

Component search

Partium was developed specifically for use in the industries. The focus is therefore on the identification of built-in, removed, soiled and/or hidden parts, as well as missing components and parts.

Installation locations

Partium enables the search for components and parts in the most varied of locations. This makes it possible for also non-experts to get the desired result quickly without tedious searches.


Many searches in service and maintenance are repeat-searches. With Partium you keep track of frequently needed replacement parts. This helps speed things up!

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