Partium for machine and industrial plant manufacturers

Partium for the service and replacement part business

Support your customer with their maintenance and increase your order intake in the after sales and service business.

The advantages for machine manufacturers and plant engineers:

  • Your customers can reliably identify your original machine components
  • Quick and easy orders directly from your online store
  • Opens up for new digital business models
  • High lock-in effect: increased customer loyalty

Partium for machine and plant engineers

Partium is our technology for the identification of industrial components and replacement parts.

Identify all types of parts

Partium identifies (almost) everything: removed, built in, hidden, damaged and soiled components and replacement parts.

Increase turnover with services and replacement parts

Partium is the ideal link between the damaged part to your replacement part supply. There are just three steps to a successful order placement: identify part, add to shopping basket, place order!

New digital business models

Partium is a finished product that you can licence to your customers. This opens up for new paths of revenue.

Collect and apply valuable data

With Partium you can collect customer data about search habits and preferences to help you prepare to meet their needs!

Good reasons for machine manufacturers

Partium supports your customers with their maintenance routines – and you in your service and replacement part business!

Increase revenue

For your customers' maintenance staff, Partium is a tool – for you it is a powerful digital sales channel through which you can sell your original replacement parts directly in the customer's workshop!

Offer additional benefits

Partium is the ideal digital add-on to your machines and systems. You can either licence Partium as an add-on, or give it to loyal customers for free!

Business Intelligence

With Partium you know exactly when someone searches for your replacement parts and orders them, and what parts are searched for but NOT ordered. Use this data to your advantage!

Our focus: service and aftermarket

We developed Partium for maintenance – and with YOU in mind!

Component search

Partium was developed specifically for use in the industries. The focus is therefore on the identification of built-in, removed, soiled and/or hidden parts, as well as missing components and parts.

Installation locations

Partium enables the search for components and parts in the most varied of locations. This makes it possible for also non-experts to get the desired result quickly without tedious searches.


Many searches in service and maintenance are repeat-searches. With Partium you keep track of frequently needed replacement parts. This helps speed things up!

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