Identify replacement parts

Instant recognition

Accessible wherever you are via smartphone

Connected directly to your online store

Why Partium?

For you as user:

New search possibilities

Partium is a simple and intuitive way to get directly to the right component

No need for expert knowledge

Easily recognise replacement and component parts via an image on the smartphone


The user can identify parts in a matter of seconds

For you as supplier:

Hardly any master data maintenance

Looking up parts using image recognition minimises master data requirements

Can be integrated

With our API you can integrate component parts recognition directly into your own app!

Data & trends

Use data received from your users to optimise the capacity of your storage facilities

Für Ihre Anwender:

Neue Suchmöglichkeiten

Partium ist ein einfacher und intuitiver Weg, der direkt zum richtigen Bauteil führt

Keine Expertenkenntnisse nötig

Ersatz- und Bauteile einfach per Bild auf dem Smartphone identifizieren.​


Anwender identifizieren unbekannte Bauteile in Sekundenschnelle.

Für Sie als Anbieter:

Kaum Stammdatenpflege

Die Suche per Bilderkennung stellt minimale Anforderung an die Stammdaten​


Mit unserer API integrieren Sie die Bauteilerkennung in Ihre App!

Daten & Trends

Nutzen Sie die Daten Ihrer Anwender um die eigene Lagerhaltung zu optimieren

Our Technologies

With our search technology it is quick and easy to identify and order replacement- and component parts via the smartphone. Learn more about how it works and how you can participate.

Artificial Intelligence

The technology that forms the basis of our parts and component recognition setup is based on the use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) which we continuously improve and train.

Computer Vision

We use computer vision, that is: machine based visual recognition which clearly and without errors identify parts. Our computer vision technology is optimised for the primary and secondary industries.


We support our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision with numerical algorithms that utilise user feedback for more accurate identification.

Would you like to know more?

Bernd Steinberger @ Humai